Antique furniture is here to stay and can be in your home

Antiques - their role in our homes

Living in style with antiques

Kitchen curios

The way we decorate our homes tells others a lot about us - the items we choose for our rooms can shape our view of ourselves and the view others have of us. It’s one of the first ways that teenagers learn to express themselves and it is one of the fundamentals of a new marriage that the happy couple start to build a joint style of decor. Using antique furniture in your home can totally transform how you live.

Many people find an antique dresser is a wonderful focal point for a kitchen and an amazing opportunity to display much loved items, whether that’s a collection of favourite chinaware or a selection of old toys. Instead of having special items tucked away in cupboards, you can make them into a real feature that adds warmth and personality.

The living room is a focal point and in it antiques play a huge role adding a sense of substance, power and heritage to the room. Some of us are lucky enough to inherit antique furniture from our parents or grandparents, whilst others acquire them through purchase. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to start decorating a living room is to buy an antique bookcase to display either your book collection or a wonderful range of knick-knacks and curios that reflect your personal style.

Whether you are thinking of re designing your whole home or just a room, a beautiful look can be obtained using the right furniture styles from the same era, also with a combination of old and new.

Tips on antique furniture restoration: